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We are Boundless Foundation, a charity registered in Kenya and our focus is on a number of projects located in rural areas and slums areas.

Boundless Love Foundation aims to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in Kenya. We focus on issues that demand immediate action and achievable result in the field of Health, Education, Agriculture, Community development, sanitation and empowerment giving scholars to underprivileged within our resources.

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Project Location:

Supporting community members with, proper, reliable and efficient Basic needs in Rural Kenya and Slums areas. Our Offices are on Langata Road, Langata, NHC Phase 2 A.


To see a healthy and empowered community members, women, men, youth, and children in most underserved areas [rural areas and slums]by providing them with skills and empowerment to be self-reliance. To see educated generation in all these areas.


To offer good health to Gods people through love and hope to improve the quality of life for people around in rural areas and slums which are indicators of real poverty in sub Saharan countries by networking with donors,churches,willing organizations and community members.